Saturday Style Crush: North of Manhattan

This week’s style crush is Lauren Recchia from North of Manhattan. Make sure you follow North of Manhattan on Instagram and check out her blog! *photos via North of Manhattan*

Saturday Style Crush: Linda Tol

My Saturday Style Crush this week is Linda Tol, lifestyle blogger from Amsterdam.  Obsessed with this look and that amazing Chanel bumbag! Make sure you check out and follow her on Instagram.  *photos from Google,, Instagram*

Saturday Style Crush: Kier Couture

My Saturday style crush this week is Kier Mellour blogger behind Kier Couture!  Don’t forget to stop by Kier Couture, and make sure you follow her Instagram here! *Photos from*

Saturday Style Crush: IntheFrow

My Saturday Style Crush this week is, Victoria from IntheFrow. A style, life and travel blogger from the United Kingdom.  I’m obsessed with Victoria’s purple hair, which she just recently dyed grey! Check out IntheFrow and make sure to follow…

Saturday Style Crush: The Fashion Poet

My Saturday Style Crush this week is, Annie Vazquez of The Fashion Poet.  I love The Fashion Poet! I have been following Annie’s blog, ever since I started in the blogosphere. Definitely check out her blog and make sure you…

Saturday Style Crush: Style Is My Thing

My Saturday Style Crush this week is UK blogger, Soraya De Carvalho of Style Is My Thing.  Make sure you check out Style Is My Thing, and follow her on Instagram!  @Styleismything *photos via Style Is My Thing* 

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Saturday Style Crush: Happily Grey

My Saturday Style Crush this week is Mary from Happily Grey. I just love her blog! Make sure you check out Happily Grey here! *Photos from Happily Grey*

Saturday Style Crush: My Closet Life

My Saturday Style Crush this week is Kaley of My Closet Life, from Austin, Texas.  Make sure you head over to My Closet Life!  *Photos via My Closet Life*

Saturday Style Crush: Fashionjunkiie

This week my Saturday Style Crush is Linn Seljeset from Fashionjunkiie, a blogger from Norway. Her style is amazing! Make sure you check out You won’t be disappointed! *Photos from*

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