A little bit about the girl behind Cups of Couture: 

My name is Charlene. A twenty something year old who loves everything to do with fashion. 

I was born in the Netherlands and have grown up in Virginia Beach, but now currently living in a seaside town; Blackpool, Lancashire. Located in the North West of England. 

I have been in the blogging world for around ten years. I first started blogging in 2009 with a fashion blog dedicated to the stylish Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie Riches for Less was all about getting Nicole’s iconic and fashionable looks, as you guessed it..for less! Two years into blogging I decided to add a new feature entitled What Would Charlene Wear as I wanted to show my readers my personal style. In 2014, I came to the decision I wanted to start another fashion blog dedicated to my style and fashion. Nicole Richie has incredible style and will always be an icon of mine as she still inspires me to this day.

One night sitting with my fiancé David and his sister, we were discussing my idea to start a new blog. David has always been supportive and thought it was a great concept and so after some time brainstorming for the right name ‘Cups of couture’ was born. I wanted the name to reflect how diverse style can be… just as diverse as how you take your cup of coffee or tea… everyone has a different taste and it’s the same in the fashion world. Everyone has their own unique style. 

Here on CupsofCouture.com you will see how I wear and style pieces. Along with places and things to do in Lancashire, with a touch of beauty. My style is always evolving and I try not to stay on the trend cycle as I dress for myself and what I feel most comfortable in. I love mixing my high end pieces with those amazing bargain pieces. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and you can make use of my style tips and inspiration for your own outfits.


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