Tulip Fields 2.0

Hey Everyone!

It feels like ages since I’ve checked in! I hope you’re all doing fantastic—apologies for being so quiet lately.

Last week, David and I jetted off to the Netherlands for a little getaway to visit my Oma and my mom, who is visiting her from the States and to soak up some touristy vibes. We were lucky to have David’s mom and stepdad join us on our this little adventure. And you know we couldn’t resist a stop at the tulip fields—after all, it’s practically a crime to visit Holland in April and not take in the tulip fields!

This marked our second visit to the tulip fields, but it was a first for David’s parents. And wow, the fields were as stunning as ever! We visited De Tulperij, a charming family-owned farm that’s been blooming since 1927. Opting for another tour, we delved into the fascinating world of bulb cultivation. Fun fact: De Tulperij specializes in bulb growing, not flower growing. Alongside tulips, they cultivate hydrangeas and daffodils too. I can’t recommend the tour enough!

I would like to mention that wandering into gated fields, especially around Lisse and Voorhout durning this time, is a no-go. It’s not just a matter of etiquette—it’s also illegal and can cause damage to the precious bulbs. So, please, always seek permission from the farmers before venturing into the tulip fields!

Until next time, happy travels!

Sunglasses– House of Harlow 1960

Top and Trousers: Rotate Birger Christensen

Bag– Kurt Geiger

Sneakers: Puma 

You can visit my post from 2018 from my first trip to the fields here.


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