Summer Go-To Hair Styles

What’s your go-to summer hairstyle?

For todays post I will be sharing some of my go to summer hair styles, along with how you can achieve them at home. I promise they are all super easy to recreate and can all be achieved under 10 mins! These looks will instantly make you feel lighter and certainly more relaxed during the does warm and humid summer days. Your hair will be away from your face and body, while still looking super cute! That is a win win right there.

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Items you need:


-Bobby Pins

-Hair Tie


-Hair Serum

-Hair Straighter (optional)


Below I have linked a few of my favorite hair styles I do durning the summer time.

  1. Top Knot Bun

Certainly one of the quickest hairstyles to do, and also best for when your in between washes, the top knot bun. This super simple look goes a long way. All you need is a few bobby pins, hairspray and hair serum.

Step 1:

Gather all you hair, like you would when you do a high ponytail. Twist hair around

Step 2:

Then wrap hair around

Step 3:

Secure with bobby pins!

All Done!

Tip: If you are having trouble with wrapping your hair around, try using a hair tie first to help you.

  1. Top Knot Braided Bun

Very similar to the regular top knot bun, there is a braided bun. When I feel like I want something a little different than just a regular bun this is probably one of  my go to hair styles. Pull your hair into a high ponytail, braid the loose hair, the tighter the braid the smaller the bun. To make a fuller bun make your braid a little looser. Then just wrap the braid around the hair tie and secure the ends with bobby pins. Finish with hair spray and voila all done!

Step 1:

Start off with a high ponytail

Step 2: 

Braid the loose hair (I like to flip my hair over to get the braid straight)

Step 3: 

Just like before wrap the braided bit around and secure with bobby pins

Step 4: 

All done!  Then spray your braided bun with hairspray.  You can always use a little bit of hair serum for your flyaways.

  1. Braids into an Updo

Piece off two sections of your hair by your face about an inch thick each piece. Braid each section into separate braids. With a bobby pin place wear you want each braid to sit on your head. Pull the rest of your hair along with the sections you started off with into a low ponytail, around the hair around the hair tie and secure with more bobby pins.

Step 1:

Braid your hair on both sides

Step 2:

Gather all your hair into a low ponytail

Step 3:

Wrap around and secure with bobby pins and then all done!

This is a paid summer hair style post for Panasonic 


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