Look for Less: Amiana Muddi

Have you ever been shopping and thought to yourself, “This reminds me of a designer item? “ Well, that happened to me when I spotted these fabulous rainbow-printed heels on Shein’s website. I tend to buy things that I like and if it happens to be a trend or something popular that’s great. I don’t buy items because it’s trending. 

For the longest time, I couldn’t put my finger on the designer but then it just clicked. I found the perfect dupe to a pair of sling-backs to the designer Amiana Muddi. The Jordanian-Romanian-based fashion designer hit the fashion seen back in 2018 and isn’t afraid to break the rules with her signature cool pyramidal heels, transparent pumps and those beautiful crystal-embellished sling-backs. In 2019, Vogue named the fashionista the “Best Footwear Designer of the Year,” — and every “it” girl had a pair of her shoes. I remember seeing her heels all over my social media pages. But like any high-end designer, the price tags for a pair of these beauties are and can be quite steep. Muaddi’s designs can range anywhere from £650 to £1500, with limited edition styles priced much higher.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love high-end designer brands like another fashionista out there but sometimes the price tags aren’t worth it and can be extortionate. I’m a sucker for a look for less or inspired pieces. Which basically means an item particularly a designer items that resembles another item but not using the brand’s logo.

These £25 Shein heels are the perfect dupe to the Begum Rainbow sling-backs by Amina Muddi. Several high street brands have great dupes. Here are a few that are all under £50! 

Headband– SHEIN

Dress– Rotate Birger Christensen

Clutch– House of Harlow 1960 

Shoes– SHEIN


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