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{AD- Madam Glam pr product review, gifted by}

It’s been a while since my last blog post! Sorry, I have been so MIA here, but I have been posting loads on my Instagram page! So make sure you are following me there, @cupsofcotureblog

I love having my nails painted, but honestly never really liked painting them with regular nail polish. I always noticed it would take forever for my nails to dry, I tried every trick I could find, hairdryer, fast-drying nail polish spray you name it! Then somehow I would always manage to smudge a nail or two and would have to start that nail over. It was so frustrating. My nails would start clipping within a few hours or unless I had some type of topcoat and nail harder on my nails. What’s the point of all the effort and time in the first place if they are going to chip anyways ?!

But this all changed when I discovered at home gel nail polish and drying lamps though. Yes, I know you can go to the nail salon and get them done, but why spend so much money on gas(petrol) to and from then the service. When you can order your very at home nail kit from Madam Glam! 

In my madam glam box, I received the led lamp, base coat gel, topcoat gel, 3 soak-off gel polishes in XOXO (a natural tan), Back to Cali (a pretty light pinky-purple), and Coffee Time! I haven’t tried the coffee time color just yet, but hopefully soon!

I applied two coats for the color along with the base coat and topcoat, I got about 10 days of wear before they start chipping or lifting, where I felt like I needed to change my nails. I highly recommend Madam Glam nails though! Over all it took about 30 mines to do my nails at home.

How to apply:

Step 1– Make sure nails are clean

Step 2– Apply base coat then under the LED light

Step 3– Apply color then under the LED again (2x)

Step 4– Apply top coat then under the LED light

Step 5– DONE, now you have salon nail at home!  

The polishes are $19.95 each, or you can order the nail gel starter kit for $99 which includes: 

  • -1 LED Nail Lamp
  • -3 Colors of your choice (Soak-Off Gel Polish or One Step Gel Polish)
  • -10 Wrap Foils 
  • -1 Cuticle Pusher
  • -1 Nail File

At the moment Madam Glam is having a sale!

  1. VIP member get 50% OFF + Free Shipping
  2. ‘PAYG”: “FIRST20” for first orders 20% OFF > 6 items 
  3. Get 1 FREE hand sanitizer for ALL USA orders 
  4. FREE Shipping for WORLDWIDE order over $100 

I do have a discount code for you! Use cupsofcouture30 for 30% off your order! 

{AD- Madam Glam pr product review, gifted by}

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