Creams Cafe Review

As promised from yesterdays post, here is my review on Creams Cafe in Blackpool.

Creams was established in 2008 and is the largest dessert only restaurant in the United Kingdom offering customers a selection of  ice-creams, sundaes, crepes, and waffles. It’s such a great place to come for a sugar rush! There is certainly a lot to choose from but I would recommend heading here after a meal for dessert, rather than for lunch. Only because  there are no savory options available.

I ordered the choctastic nutty freakshow freakshake. Which contains Rocher gelato and chocolate double nut gelato along with milk. My shake also contains soft vanilla ice cream, a few Ferrero Rocher chocolates, milk chocolate sauce, milk chocolate shavings and a wafer.

Overall I enjoyed the milkshake and the presentation was fabulous! My only issue was, I felt like I just drank a vanilla milkshake which happened to have two Ferrero Rochers on it that were cut in half. Also the chocolate sauce/syrup used wasn’t nice. It didn’t even taste like chocolate. Seemed cheap and that it was purchased from the grocery store.

I will definitely give Creams a second try. If you have kids, they’ll love it! They can even make their own dessert with their favorite candy, chocolate and ice cream!


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