Have you ever had on a pair of your favorite tights but then also felt like you needed to put on socks!? I know I have! Unfortunately, you are left with a bulky look and socks that are uncomfortable. 

Thankfully there is a solution, let me tell you about Bootights! I actually first heard about Bootights a few years ago, when my sister brought me back a pair from New York. 
These will be your NEW favorite tights! 

Bootights are socks and tights all-in-one! Designed especially to be worn with boots. The sock that’s attached isn’t just an ordinary sock. They have moisture-wicking fibers to keep your feet cool and dry. Which means no more sweaty feet! In addition, there is extra cushion on both the toes and heels, with arch support. This sock also protects against snags and runs, keeping your tights looking fresh and new! 

Here’s a quick breakdown on why you need these incredible tights!!! 

-Moisture-wicking fibers keep feet cool & dry, no sweating! 

 -Compression arch support that hugs your feet for a contoured fit 

 -A strategically placed mesh zone provides supreme ventilation, letting your feet breathe

 -Extra cushioning in the toe and heel, where you want it. Helping reduce fatigue 

 – Flat toe seam eliminates uncomfortable “tight toe” 

You’re in luck readers! 
I am collaborating with Bootights and offering a discount of 20% on all orders!  
Use code ‘BlogLove’ at checkout 

Your feet will thank you!

You can purchase the Aztec Knit Slouch in Black here

Full look coming soon

You can purchase the Dakota Floral in Sand here

Full look here

Unfortunately these tights are no longer available online. 

But you can purchase a similar pair,  the Halsted Dot & Chain in Jet Black here

See how I styled these tights here

 To learn more please follow the link to their website here

In collaboration with Bootights


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