When In Rome

Rome, what can I say. Rome was simply amazing. Instead of a guided tour we decided to do the Rome on your own excursion, and I’m so glad we did! 

We were deliberating on going to the Colosseum due to the fact we heard it was going to be free. According to the Colosseum’s website, “ The Archaeological Park of the Colosseum has determinated some days durning the year with free admission and without pre-sale: 9th of May and 5th of June”. We were there May 9th. We knew it was going to be busy since it was Rome and also knew if it was going to be free admission to the Colosseum it would be extremely packed! Well… it actually wasn’t.

We manage to get our free admission ticket from the ticket booth at the Colosseum, and literally ‘skipped the line’. We waited maybe 10 mins in line. No we didn’t buy any skip the line tickets, even though a number of people were trying to sell us those tickets, which were WAY over priced! We were so lucky how quickly we were able to get through the line and right into the Colosseum. I believe the main reason why it ended up not being as busy as we thought was because 1. The weather wasn’t that great. 2. Many people probably thought the same thing we thought in the beginning, about how it’s going to be busy of the free admission day. Turns out the best day to go is when the weather is a little crappy. 

After visiting The Colosseum, we headed to The Trevi fountain. I was actually quite shocked how busy the fountain was compared to the Colosseum. But I must say the fountain was beautiful. 

After the fountain we were all a little hungry and definitely wanted pizza in Rome! Because I mean.. WHEN IN ROME! We found a cute little restaurant on the corner super close to the Trevi fountain,which was perfect!  By that time it was time to head back to the bus, but not before we squeezed in a little photo shoot. 

|Sunglasses- Vintage| |Dress- Zaful| |Bag and Shoes- Primark|

|Jewelry- House of Harlow 1960|


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