Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lusting Over Lace

I have to tell you all about my brand obsession- Self Portrait. You will find incredibly special pieces and notice the lace detailing is impeccable. If check out their Instagram feed, you'll find all the fashion bloggers and celebrities who also share this obsession. Self Portrait is the perfect combination between playful sexy. Below I have listed and linked some of my favorites. At the moment everything listed below is on sale, but sizes are limited. 

1. Swallow Guipure Lace Dress on sale for $288 originally $480 
4. Flower Paneled Lace Dress on sale for $307
5. Clementine Dress on sale for $265
6. Florence Dress on sale for $279

I understand Self Portrait is not in everyone's budget. 
Last year, I found some amazing dupes that won't break the bank! 
Read about it here


  1. Oh wow number 1 is gorgeous! It figures I would like that one most as it's the most expensive, ha ha.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you Lorna for your comment!
      #1 is lovely in person, I purchased it for the day after my wedding. #6 is even more stunning in person as well!
      I have that problem too, I always like the most expensive thing lol


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